Welcome to the CommunityProfit Academy

All the training you will need to learn how to Connect Communities with Experts through CommunityProfit's Digital Community Platform

Introduction & Overview

Start here to learn how to configure CommunityProfit’s Digital Community Platform to enable professionals to connect with the communities they wish to serve.

Building Your Community

Our unique approach to digital commerce enables the speed, agility, and innovation required to master the ever-evolving world of locating and providing professional services to communities in need.  Start here to learn how to build and manage your online community.

Managing Professionals

Click here to learn about the tools required to enable your network of professionals to connect with the community you wish to serve.

Where do I start?

Check out the the link to the Introduction & Overview page above.  From here you will learn about the CommunityProfit Digital Comunity Platform and its various capabilities.  This background is essential for enabling professionals to connect with the communities they wish to serve through CommunityProfit’s Digital Community Platform.

Where can I find Help?
What are Community Experts?
How do I enable Professional Service Providers?
I forgot my Username or Password

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