Connecting Communities with Experts



A superior business model for professional service providers

CommunityProfit enables professionals to connect with the communities they wish to serve.

Our unique approach to digital commerce enables the speed, agility, and innovation required to master the ever-evolving world of locating and providing professional services to communities in need.

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Continuous and seamless innovation


We seamlessly deploy new features and enhancements so your platform is always current and able to keep up with your continually evolving needs

One engaged and connected community


Unified by a common multi-tenant cloud platform, our service provider partners benefit from a highly collaborative community that is a source of inspiration and innovation

Committed to the Success of our Communities


There is never any question about what drives us. Everything we do as an organization, including the prioritization of our investments, is designed to help communities profit.  Our platform allows you to connect your expertise with those who value your services

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